Make Your Mark and Money 
Seven Weeks, Significant Gains, Soulfully You

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial or professional path, there are some things we know for sure. Your success in business has far more to do with your overall leadership than with particular skills. Your ability to manage your mindset, focus on what truly matters, execute boldly, build relationships and remain accountable and loyal to your dreams…is the stuff of true leadership and success.

Our Summer Sales Leadership Lab is a live, business training, implementation and group coaching program for women who are ready to claim their power and step forward to build their influence, income and freedom.

I’ve spent my life running and growing multi-million dollar profit centers in the Fortune 500 world and coaching and consulting with ambitious, high-potential women entrepreneurs and leaders. I know first-hand the attributes and skills that propel women leaders forward and the issues that hold them back. 

This program was designed to get you moving forward in your business with foundational strategies and tools to support your growth, profit and leadership. 

Stop waiting to become unstoppable and create your brilliant business and life.


The intention of Make Your Mark and Money is to jump-start your results by focusing on the most important strategic and tactical elements vital for you to gain traction with the goal of supporting you in securing your first or next high-ticket client by the end of the 6 weeks.

Are you a female business owner whose business declined by double digits or more during the pandemic.

Are you one of the nearly 3 million women in the U.S. who left the workforce during the pandemic and have a skill that you are ready to build a business around.

Are you one of the 25% in the employee workforce thinking of quitting your job (as reported by CNBC Make It).

 …Are you one of the 42% of employees currently working remotely who value remote work and will look to leave your company if they do not continue to offer remote work options (as reported by Prudential Financial)?

 …Are you an employee that is feeling the consequential effects of the pandemic with loss of motivation, increased anxiety, and loss of purpose (as reported by HuffPost).

 …Or Do You Simply Have A Dream to Start Your Own Business and You Know That Time is Now.

If You Answered “Yes” To Any Of The Above…

This Exclusive Summer Sale Leadership Lab Is For You!

Pick Your Best Option For Your Summer Session Based on Your Preferred Mode of Learning

Seven Consecutive Weeks

This step-by-step approach is more spread out and provides you with extended time and opportunity to put actions into place.

Four-Week Intensive

A deeper dive during each session to gain ground more quickly and immerse yourself in the lab lessons while developing your business and leadership practices.

Both sessions cover the exact same material, offered on an optional timeline most suitable for you.

Our Focus Will Be on Your Business Messaging, Positioning, Enhancing Your Earnings, and Embracing Your Leadership Abilities 

The Lab’s Bottom-Line Goals Will Help You:

  • Develop clear, powerful brand positioning and the words to communicate it effectively in your business.
  • Evaluate current opportunities that allow you to create a ROI right out of the gate and establish a foundation for continued revenue acceleration.
  • Gain more confidence in conducting sales conversations.
  • Attract ideal clients aligned with your vision and mission.
  • Create a resilient mindset – one of the most critical components in accelerating growth and achieving results.

What’s Included in Make Your Mark and Money:

Live Sales Leadership Training:

Step-by-Step Training in foundational strategies of building a profitable, scalable business.

All sessions will be recorded and available for your future use.

Weekly Strategic Consultation With Noreen:

Each week you will be invited to a group Strategic Consultative call with Noreen. We will discuss and explore strategy, opportunities, and challenges that are getting in the way of your momentum and progress. This is an opportunity to get weekly actionable and expert advice from Noreen on your work during this 7-week program…your messaging, your offer, your marketing, your sales conversations, your CEO mindset, your leadership, brainstorming creative ideas and solutions to fix any issues impeding your success.

Private Member Only Facebook Forum:

Connect with your amazing cohort during the life of the program. Meet and mastermind with like-minded women who are committed to building a lucrative business. Forge powerful friendships and network with other experts and visionaries.

Here’s What You Get in Our Live Training:

1.    Claim Your Preeminence - Your ability to create a profitable, thriving business depends on adopting a position as a trusted advisor and go to expert for your industry.

Module Milestones: 

  • Identify and honor your Unique Brilliance and Weave Your Artistry through your work.
  • Craft your vision for your life and work.
  • Learn the “Strategy of Preeminence”.

2.    Craft Your Unique Message – Your single most important marketing asset in your business is to communicate with compelling clarity. 

 Module Milestones: 

  • Know Your Ideal Niche.
  • Learn How to Articulate a Compelling, Intriguing Core Message that Highlights Your Distinction and the Benefits You Provide. 
  • Create Your Expert Bio.
  • Power up your Personal Brand by Effectively Communicating who you are and what you stand for.
  • Learn how to Leverage your Personal Brand in various scenarios such as interviews and networking.

3.    Design or Redesign Your Irresistible Offer – Growing a significant business demands that you have a profitable, impactful product or service.

Module Milestones: 

  • Own Your Value. Ensure your Package and Price is commensurate with the value you provide.
  • Create Crystal Clarity on Your Signature, High Ticket Offer.
  • Explore Your Ideal Business Model Based on Your Vision For Your Life and Work.

4.    Develop Your Simple Marketing & Leadership Plan – Building a 6 or 7 figure business requires you have a plan to build your audience and trusted relationships.

Module Milestones: 

  • Gain Clarity On The Ideal Marketing Strategies For You That Are Aligned With Your Strengths.
  • Identify Specifcally How You’re Going to Fill Your Pipeline with Ideal Clients.
  • Increase Your Visibility to Attract High Impact Opportunities.
  • Map Out Your 12-Month Marketing and Leadership Plan.

5.    Move with Courage - Enroll with Confidence – The bottom line in building a successful business is your ability to master the art of selling…ethically, authentically, and with leadership.

Module Milestones: 

  • Learn the #1 Secret to Successful Enrollment.
  • Learn Low Tech Strategies to Get a High-Ticket Client.
  • Learn a Proven Structure To Conducting and Converting Sales/Enrollment Conversations Into Consistent, Predictable Money. 

6.    Role Playing, Handling Objections and Getting to Yes – Nailing Sales Requires Practice, Practice, Practice and Listening.

Module Milestones:

  • Dedicate and Commit to Nailing Sales Through Experiential Learning -Role Playing and Hot Seat Coaching.
  • Learn How to Effectively Handle Objections.
  • Learn How to Lead Your Prospect to Yes.

7. Embody Your Leadership – Be The CEO of Your Business.

Module Milestones:

  • Learn the Power of Choice and Decision Making.
  • Restructure Your Schedule to Create Flow And Focus On The Right Initiatives.
  • Cultivate Your Authentic Leadership and Learn How to Effectively Engage and Skillfully Navigate Challenging Situations.

With a Commitment Today:

Bonus #1: One 1-Hour Private 1:1 Jump-Start Strategy Session to gain clarity on your intention for your desired outcome this summer. Noreen will meet you where you’re at with a customized outline of immediate action steps to take.

(Value: $1500)

Bonus #2:  Weekly Sales Salons – occurring every Wednesday at 5 pm Eastern.

Join with like-minded, ambitious women entrepreneurs to dive deeper into Sales Strategies, Sales Leadership and Engage in Practice Opportunities to hone your message and your sales conversations that will undoubtedly provide you with valuable feedback and insight. Your masterminding and practice in this group could likely prepare you to put more cash in your pocket due to your focus on mastering the art of selling.

(Value: $1800)

Your Investment to Elevate Your Results This Summer and Prepare for a Solid Year-End Is:

$1997 Full Pay


3-Pay Plan $766.00

I'm Ready for A Super Summer of Sales!